Our seminars often run after the same routine.
Doing this in this way we have always time to sit together for lunch or dinner to discuss upcoming questions.
Here you can find an example of the schedule of a weekend course.
There can participate 6-8 active riders and any number of spectators per day. Prices depend on the content of the course. They are determined individually.
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If you want to participate in a seminar you can contact us directly by email or using the contact formular here on this website.
You will find a calendar where we will enter the next date for the course.
Maybe it is near you? Then please come and sign in.
It has proven that interested people organize the little group (6-8 students) themselves in the riding club or surroundings. When the respective number of participants has been reached then please contact us to find the perfect date for the course.
The payment of the participation fee is binding. In case of cancellation another participant can be provided by you. The paid participation fee will not be refunded without providing a substitute rider.





The minimum age of a horse to participate is 5 year old.
Riders should know the principles of dressage which means to have a confirmed Level 2 (Klasse A) riding experience. Higher training levels are welcome. We take care to organize the seminars always for a group of riders of the same or similar level.
Please be aware that we often use lateral movements in our weekend courses. Without these training elements the desired results can be hardly achieved.
To guarantee quality lessons for all participants and spectators the horses, like a minimum, have to know leg yielding in walk and trot. Further lateral movement knowlegde would be welcome.
The instructor from YCC is understood like a trainer to give advice and support from the ground during the course. The students ride and work their horses themselves. The trainer in rare occassions could ride the students horse for a few minutes but this has to be understood like an exception.





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