Horse performing gymnastic jumping exercise

 What is YouCanClassic

YouCanClassic is an Internet Tool where riders and all horse loving people can meet to get and exchange information about interesting topics related to horse training.about 2


Many people love horses and have contact to them or are owners, trainers or riders. Most of them want to train there horses in a friendly and correct way to keep the horses healthy and to enjoy the daily work. Where there is training there will be a routine and sometimes there is a need for new inspiration or a helpful advice to solve an actual training issue. YouCanClassic can be understood like a useful tool to complement the established training routine. Please be aware that our training platform can not sustitute the specialized trainer, it is asupplement.


On this platform you will find many different examples of horse training. Maybe this can inspire you. The exercises are available online in our member area. With our preview video gallery we ́d like togive you an impression of the Premium content. The member video library is available in english and german.


Once you become a member you can also exchange opinions or experiences simply by using our forum. Our main lenguage for this platform is english but it is possible to use further lenguages in your conversations, especially german and spanish.


We wish that these riders and horse people who participate and use our training tool can realize a great work with their horses.


We hope for versatile and constructive discussions.

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