Do my subscription expire automatically after the running time?
Yes, it does. We set up the running time in this way that our clients have the comfort to stay calm when the subscription time ends. You can reactivate your client account in any moment. And you don´t have to care about notice periods.
Enter our site as often as you want and with the acces conditions which suits you. We have three different subscription models you can choose freely.

Are the videos available in several languages?
Yes, they are. At the moment you can watch our videos in the member area in german and english. In the near future we would love to have the premium content in spanish too. Actually we are working on it and appreciate your feedback.
We suggest that there can be differences in the content of the video databases. We do not translate every video to every language but we keep this idea in mind.

Can I upload my own training idea?
Yes, you can as an interactive member. When you have a training video of maximum 5´ and you are interested to publish the exercise on our website then you send us a link to your video and we get in touch with you. As a marketing instrument for you as a trainer for expample your video could work for you to get more local clients.
We have to disclose that YCC has no obligation to accept user videos. We reserve the right to decline video upload requests without giving a reason.

What is your refund policy?
YCC suggests that you enter our premium content first with the smallest subscription option to test our online video platform. We offer you a great number of preview videos which are short versions of our member content. For these reasons we do not offer refunds on any of our subscriptions.

Is it possible to ask direct questions to the administrator regarding training issues?
Yes, you can ask direct questions to the YCC trainer. To have this possibility you subscribe as an Interactive member. With all subscription levels you have access to our commuity which can additionally give you further support and advice. Our forums are an interesting option to discuss any topic related to equestrian training.

Can I download a video to watch on my computer?
For copyright purposes, the videos from our member only area are not available for download. 

Are there member videos longer then 5 minutes?
Yes, but our intention is to keep the videos short. The reason for that is the better accessibility to an issue or topic. We want to show one exercise or solution per video which may help you in your daily training. Short videos can be viewed on any device and the key information is translated directly to the user.
To get just the idea of a helpful exercise people can also use the preview videos on our youtube channel or website for free.

Do I need a broadband connection to see the videos online?
Ideally your PC or Mac should have a high speed broadband (ISDN/ ADSL)connection from your internet provider.
Unfortunately the use of wireless broadband cards can lead to fluctuation in connections speed.
This could cause unwanted buffering while it tries to adjust for the changes in speed.
We recommend viewing the videos in the Free Video section (menu item:HOME) prior to subscribing to determine if they play to your satisfaction given your connection speed.


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